Oxy-Acetylene Safety & Welding


Duration: 120 min.

Item Number: CEV80814W

Price: $156.00

Lesson topics include:

  • Safety and equipment
  • Working pressures
  • Adjusting flames
  • Rods and fluxes
  • Preparing metal
  • Various welds
  • and many more!

Expert Dr. Billy Harrell, professor and chair of the division of Agricultural Sciences and Vocational Education at Sam Houston State University, provides visual interaction to learn the proper clothing, setup, safety, care and operation of equipment.
· Terminology, purpose and installation of equipment
· Proper operating procedures, such as set working pressures and adjust flames
· Detailed explanation of rods and fluxes utilized in welding and brazing
· Metal preparation and safety
· Performance of various welds - puddle, bead with a filler rod, butt-weld, lap-weld, T-weld and outside corner-welding different cuts and multi-pass fillet



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