Business Law & Concepts


Item Number: MPU30011W

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Lesson topics include:

    • Business Laws
    • Consumer Laws
    • Levels of Court Systems
    • Trade Agreements
    • Environmental Regulations
    • and many more!

This MPU™ includes:

  • 10 lessons
  • 42 days of teaching material
  • 205 min.
  • 209 slides
  • Teacher's Resource Guide

This Multimedia Pathway Unit (MPU) will introduce students to different laws that effect businesses and consumers. Students will learn that by understanding these laws and abiding by them businesses can avoid many problems. Court Systems & Structures looks at five different levels of the court system and the duties and responsibilities of each. The Trade & Environmental Regulations production teaches students about past and current trade agreements and environmental regulations and their lasting effects on both businesses and the environment. In addition, contract, employment, bankruptcy, consumer and financial laws are covered. Additional topics include Privacy Rights & the Law, Business Torts & Liability, Accommodating Business Law, resolving disputes in and out of court and copyright laws. This MPU comes with an Interactive Teacher's Resource Guide containing a lesson plan and a variety of worksheets, activities, notes and projects.