Retail Management


Item Number: MPU40016W

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Lesson topics include:

    • Retailing
    • Retail Outlets
    • Calculating Sales
    • Inventory Control
    • Wholesaling
    • and many more!

This MPU™ includes:

  • 5 lessons
  • 17 days of teaching material
  • 192 slides
  • Teacher's Resource Guide

Retail sales is one of the largest areas involved in consumer shopping. This Multimedia Pathway Unit (MPU) will explore different aspects involved in retail management. Introduction to Retailing will introduce students to retailing and show them the economic traits of supply and demand and their impacts on retailing. Types of Retail Outlets will show students how these outlets play an important role when it comes to affordable shopping. Calculating Prices & Discounts provides useful information on how to figure sales into the final price along with the difference in state sales tax. Stock Handling & Inventory Control helps students to realize that these are two very important factors which help determine a store's profits and losses. In addition, information as to why wholesale distribution is sometimes more beneficial to business owners and the consumer is detailed in The Role of Wholesalers. This MPU comes with an Interactive Teacher's Resource Guide containing a lesson plan and a variety of worksheets, activities, notes and projects.