Business Finance


Item Number: MPU30010W

Price: $234.00

Lesson topics include:

    • Charitable Businesses
    • Budgeting
    • Small Business Start Up
    • Business Taxes
    • Business Finance Ethics
    • and many more!

This Pathway includes:

  • 5 lessons
  • 21 days of teaching material
  • 216 slides
  • Teacher's Resource Guide

Finance is an important part of any business. If the financial aspects of a business are not planned and implemented properly a business could suffer severe consequences. This Multimedia Pathway Unit (MPU) shows students the advantages of a charitable business, the importance of maintaining an accurate budget for any business to avoid problems, the main challenges entrepreneurs face when starting a small business and how to overcome them, the main types of taxes and the effects they have on a business and ethical practices in business finance. This MPU comes with an Interactive Teacher's Resource Guide containing a lesson plan and a variety of worksheets, activities, notes and projects.