Practice Land Judging II


Duration: 36 min.

Item Number: CEVD0582W

Price: $55.00

Lesson topics include:

  • Determination of proper land treatment
  • Determining the texture of the land surface
  • Determining the slope of the land
  • Determining the depth of soil
  • Determining the possible erosion and surface run-off of the land
  • Determining the land permeability
  • and many more!

Additional practice for viewers wishing to further hone their land judging skills is provided on this videotape. Two plots of land are presented (both with pits, one with a soil pH of 5.2) and evaluated for surface texture, permeability, slope, soil depth, erosion, surface run-off, land capability and recommended treatments. An official key of major land class factors and correct treatments for each land section is provided.