Breeding Cattle Evaluation


Duration: 42 min.

Item Number: CEVD0438W

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Lesson topics include:

  • Judging breeding cattle
  • Evaluation of keep/cull classes
  • Determining the importance of a breeding scenario
  • Judging bulls
  • Judging heifers
  • Oral reasons
  • and many more!

A cattle specialist provides fast and sure techniques for ranking and evaluating keep/cull classes of beef cattle. He also explains how to consider the breeding scenario along with visual appraisal and the importance of both. Following the discussion, classes of Angus bulls, Simmental heifers and Hereford heifers are presented. Oral reasons and 10- question quizzes follow each class. Footage was shot at the 21st Century Concepts Important to Meat-Animal Evaluation Conference presented at the University of Wisconsin. A supplement is included.