Broiler Breeder Evaluation


Duration: 41 min.

Item Number: CEVD0230W

Price: $65.00

Lesson topics include:

    • Evaluating broilers
    • Evaluating body conformation of broilers
    • Evaluating muscling of broilers
    • Proper handling of birds
    • Oral reasons on judging broiler breeders
    • and many more!

The factors for "keeping" and "culling" broiler breeders are discussed. The expert demonstrates techniques for evaluating body conformation and muscling, and he shows the proper method of handling and evaluating a bird in its cage. A class of eight broiler breeder females is evaluated, and reasons for keeping and culling each bird are provided. A supplement is included. Collaborator: W.F. Krueger, Ph.D., Texas A&M. University.



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