Advanced Quality Grading: Slaughter Cattle


Duration: 57 min.

Item Number: CEVD0386W

Price: $99.00

Lesson topics include:

    • Determining quality grades of slaughter cattle
    • Determining fat thickness
    • Determining muscle thickness
    • Evaluation of slaughter cattle
    • and many more!

Livestock and meat specialists discuss the evaluation of 27 traits in their quest to locate reliable indicators of quality grade (standard, select, choice or prime) in differing breeds. Eighteen of the top traits are detailed and illustrated, including fat thickness, tail pones, lower quarter, cod/udder region, flank, brisket, cheeks and jowls, turn over the top, round creases, muscle thickness, dewclaws and more. Viewers are challenged to evaluate 10 slaughter cattle. Then, each animal is reviewed, emphasizing appropriate traits and giving a final assessment.



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