Beef Carcass Fabrication


Duration: 50 min.

Item Number: CEVD0231W

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Lesson topics include:

    • Fabrication of a beef carcass
    • Inspection of fabrication facilities
    • Fabrication of beef carcass into wholesale cuts
    • Fabrication of beef carcass into retail cuts
    • Safety and sanitation of carcass fabrication
    • and many more!

The basic anatomy of the forequarter and hindquarter, retail yield and historical principles of fabrication are given in the program. Students view a demonstration of ribbing and breaking the forequarter into wholesale cuts and fabrication of both boneless and bone-in retail cuts from the chuck, rib, plate, brisket, foreshank, loin, round and flank. Fundamentals of beef grading, proper equipment used in fabrication, safety and sanitation are discussed. A supplement is included. Collaborator: G.W. Davis, Ph.D.



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