Careers:  Equine Industry

Careers: Equine Industry


Duration: 30 min.

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Lesson topics include:

  • Career opportunities
  • Direct involvement careers
  • Indirect involvement careers
  • Career interviews
  • and many more!

Have you thought about the endless career opportunities in the equine industry? Potential equine careers are discussed in two sections: direct and indirect involvement. Direct involvement explores hands-on activities with horses, such as veterinary medicine, farm operations, training, and professional services. Indirect involvement covers business, communications, and sales. Hear top equine experts from the American Quarter Horse Association offer insight into various indirect careers in the industry. Watch an excellent overview of the racing industry, illustrated with vibrant footage from the Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie, Texas. Career specialists discuss their areas of expertise in detail from education requirements to daily responsibilities. A character analysis quiz is included to help determine if a career in the equine industry could be in your future.