Food Science Pathway


Item Number: CEV42032W

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Units include:

This Pathway includes:

  • 15 Lessons
  • 65 Days of Teaching Material
  • 230 Minutes of Video
  • 279 Slides

CEV Multimedia has designed its curriculum to fit any Career Cluster model. Instead of traditional courses, we developed Pathways comprised of Multimedia Pathway Units (MPU), and each MPU consists of varying multimedia pieces which are conveniently packaged together. The Food Science Pathway presents chemistry and biology principles through food sciences and contains the following MPUs: Scientific Principles of Food and Advanced Nutrition. Featuring 15 BRAND NEW lessons, this pathway also provides detailed lesson plans for the teacher, student projects, laboratory-based activities and core academic concepts. Collaborators: Mindy Brashears, Ph.D., Texas Tech University; Sara Gragg, Ph.D. candidate, Texas Tech University.