Retail Cut ID


Duration: 93 min.

Item Number: CEV80290W

Price: $195.00 New!

Lesson topics include:

  • Muscle and Bone Identification
  • Primal Cut Identification
  • Beef Retail Cut identification
  • Pork Retail Cut Identification
  • Lamb Retail Cut Identification
  • Cooking Method
  • and many more!

Featuring the newly-approved retail cuts of the National FFA and 4-H (for all contests beginning 2012). Organized by species, a rotation of each cut allows viewing of all angles, particularly focusing on the face of the cut. Special effects, 3D graphics and expert commentary provide more insight for harder to identify cuts. Successful former and current agriculture science instructors provide tips and advice on training teams and contest preparation. Collaborators: Former/current agriculture science instructors and Randy Harp Ph.D., Tarleton State University.



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