Advanced Microsoft® Office® Skills 2010

Advanced Microsoft® Office® Skills 2010


Item Number: MPU30030W

Price: $720.00 New!

Lesson topics include:

    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Access
    • Microsoft Power Point
    • Creating Documents
    • Creating Presentations
    • and many more!

This MPU™ includes:

  • 50 lessons
  • 35 days of teaching material
  • 298 min.
  • Teacher's Resource Guide

This presentation will enhance students' ability to create spreadsheets, databases, documents and presentations in Microsoft Excel, Access, Word and PowerPoint. Students are given an in-depth look at the various tools and applications which can be used, or added, in each program to make a complex but usable spreadsheet or database, and the tools to enhance their overall document or presentation. This MPU comes with an Interactive Teacher's Resource Guide containing a lesson plan and a variety of worksheets, activities, notes and projects. Featuring: Atomsville