Financial Literacy: Homeownership

Financial Literacy: Homeownership


Duration: 25 min.

Item Number: CEV80258W

Price: $125.00

Lesson topics include:

  • Owning vs. renting
  • Escrow
  • Interest
  • Mortgage
  • and many more!

This DVD identifies the basic components and steps of becoming a home owner, beginning with the basics from finding a home to fit one's needs, to walking step-by-step through the closing. Financial Literacy: Homeownership discusses the financial advantages of owning over renting, as well as the disadvantages. Students will also become familiar with basic terminology, such as escrow, points, interest, mortgage, etc. Students will also learn what potential lenders consider when examining someone's financial picture, expenses home owners are responsbile for and the advantages of working with a realtor when buying a home.



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