CEV’s career exploration curriculum is divided into Multimedia Pathway Units, or MPUs. Each MPU is a specialized component that can be likened to a unit of a course.  Featuring engaging DVD and PowerPoint® lessons, our Career Preparation I Pathway provides a virtual form for students to discuss, explore and understand the vast career choices available to them. 
-Includes a unit over each of the 16 career clusters plus a bonus unit on résumé writing, interviewing, portfolio development, workplace etiquette and other career essentials
-Introduces more than 1,000 careers
-Details job descriptions, educational requirements, salary ranges and more
-Includes over 26 hours of video aimed at helping students explore future career options
-Provides unlimited access to more than 200 career interviews with industry professionals
Each lesson incorporates core academic concepts and includes a detailed lesson plan, projects, activities and worksheets. Correlated to the new Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).