Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance Pathway (TX Edition)


Item Number: CEV43026W

Price: $1, 905.00

This Pathway includes:

  • 139 Days of Teaching Materials
  • 186 Minutes of DVD Presentations
  • 1,232 Microsoft PowerPoint Slides
  • Interactive Teacher's Resource Guide

CEV Multimedia has designed its curriculum to fit any Career Cluster model. Instead of traditional courses, we developed Pathways comprised of Multimedia Pathway Units (MPU), and each MPU consists of varying multimedia pieces which are conveniently packaged together. CE

Contains the following lessons: 

Personal Financial Planning - PowerPoint®
Management of Energy Money & Tasks - PowerPoint®
Economic Concepts - PowerPoint®
Economic Systems - PowerPoint®
Government’s Role in Business - PowerPoint®
Jobs Careers & Education - PowerPoint®
Marketing & Pricing Concepts - PowerPoint®
Basic Accounting Principles - PowerPoint®
Business Cycle & Growth - PowerPoint®
Business Ownership & Registration - PowerPoint®
Contract & Employment Law - PowerPoint®
Determining Customer Needs - PowerPoint®
Earning Interest - PowerPoint®
Ethical Practices in Business Finance - PowerPoint®
International Trade & Tariffs - PowerPoint®
Organizational Structures - PowerPoint®
Political & Economic Systems - PowerPoint®
Producing Print Advertisements - PowerPoint®
Promotional Mix - PowerPoint®
Starting a Small Business - PowerPoint®
Successful Business Operations - PowerPoint®
Supply & Demand - PowerPoint®
Tax Management - PowerPoint®
The Role of Wholesalers - PowerPoint®
Vendors, Buyers & Merchandisers - PowerPoint®
Financial Markets - DVD
Global Exchange: Free Trade & Protectionism - DVD
The Invisible Hand - DVD
Merchandising: The Store as Persuasion - DVD
Why You Buy - DVD
Charge It! - DVD
Like Money in the Bank - DVD
Money Matters: Mastering Basic Money Management - DVD
Financial Literacy: Getting Started – DVD
Financial Literacy: Taxes and Paychecks – DVD
Financial Literacy: Personal Finance Basics – DVD