wildlife fisheries & ecology management

Wildlife, Fisheries & Ecology Management (TX Edition)


Item Number: CEV41026W

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Units include:

This Pathway includes:

  • 43 Projects
  • 222 Days of Teaching
  • 745 Minutes of DVD Presentations
  • 1,026 Microsoft PowerPoint Slides
  • Interactive Teacher's Resource Guide

CEV’s Wildlife, Fisheries & Ecology Management curriculum is divided into Multimedia Pathway Units, or MPUs. Each MPU is a specialized component that can be likened to a unit of a course.  Featuring engaging DVD and PowerPoint® lessons, the Wildlife, Fisheries & Ecology Management Pathway addresses topics including:

-Basic game management
-Basic environmental science
-Hoover Dam and Sequoia & Kings Canyon Park field trips
-Wildlife identification
-Regulations for hunting, fishing and wildlife utilization
-Aquaculture safety
-Anatomy and physiology of aquatic species
-Water management
-Forest management
-Harvesting trees
-And more!

Each lesson incorporates core academic concepts and career exploration and includes a detailed lesson plan, projects, activities and worksheets. Correlated to the new Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).