Professional Communication Strategies


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Lesson topics include:

  • Parliamentary procedure
  • Public speaking
  • Presentation strategies
  • Written communication
  • Digital communication
  • Research tactics
  • Leadership styles
  • and many more!

This Pathway includes:

  • 10 lessons
  • 45 days of teaching material
  • 164 min.
  • 350 slides
  • Teacher's Resource Guide

Effective communication skills are necessary in all walks of life and their importance should never be underestimated. This Multimedia Pathway Unit introduces the most basic communication processes as well as details more advanced presentation techniques. Featuring former state and national student organization officers, students have the opportunity to learn from their peers. From parliamentary procedure guidelines to leadership styles to extemporaneous speaking, this curriculum unit is perfect for any classroom and for ALL students regardless of career cluster interest. This MPU comes with an Interactive Teacher's Resource Guide containing lesson plans and a variety of worksheets, activities, notes and projects.