Evaluating Ready-to-Cook Turkeys & Broilers


Duration: 37 min.

Item Number: CEV80199W

Price: $99.00

Lesson topics include:

  • Ready-to-cook turkey carcasses
  • Broiler carcasses
  • USDA quality grades
  • Oral reasons
  • and many more!

This program is designed to prepare students to be competitive in poultry judging contests. Practice increases a student's chance for being on a winning team and greatly improves ones judging skills. Dr. Jason Lee, Assistant Professor of Poultry Science at Texas A&M University, provides valuable instruction on grading ready-to-cook turkey and broiler carcasses. Examples of each of the USDA quality grading standards used for evaluation are also shown. Dr. Lee places a class of turkey carcasses and provides a sample set of oral reasons. Dr. Lee has coached nine National Champion Collegiate Poultry Judging Teams at Texas A&M University. His teams have included the high individual at seven of these national contests. Collaborator: Dr. Jason Lee, Department of Poultry Science, Texas A&M University.



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