The Skeletal & Muscular Systems


Duration: 24 min

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Lesson topics include:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Structures and functions
  • Comparative anatomy
  • and many more!

Learn the skeletal and muscular systems as Dr. John R. Blanton Jr.- collegiate animal science faculty member and comparative anatomy specialist- and Dr. Mark F. Miller- national championship meat-judging coach, muscle biologist and collegiate animal science professor- provide a visual overview of the structures and functions within the skeletal and muscular systems by comparing different animals, including humans, cattle, horses, geese and chickens. Special effects, three-dimensional graphics, live tissue demonstrations, dissected specimens and two five-question quizzes help to teach concepts, such as bone names, bone locations, bone structures, bone shapes, bone functions, skeletal differences across species, muscle fiber types, muscle functions, muscle names, muscle locations, connective tissues and muscle differences across species.