Living on a Budget


Duration: 25 min.

Item Number: CEVD0987W

Price: $99.00

Lesson topics include:

  • Housing costs
  • Food costs
  • Lifestyle costs
  • Insurance costs
  • Car costs
  • Credit cards
  • and many more!

Graduation is around the corner and soon you will be living on your own. What is a budget? The presentation takes you through the budgeting process. Discussed are costs, such as housing (e.g., rent, deposit, furnishings), food (e.g., grocery shopping, eating out), lifestyle (e.g., clothes, entertainment), insurance (e.g., premiums, deductible, life, auto, medical), bills (e.g., electric, phone, water, gas, cable) and car (e.g., financing, maintenance). You also will learn about credit cards (e.g., management, interest rates), banking, debit cards, IRA accounts and taxes. Helpful for anyone who is beginning life on their own. A supplement is included.



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