Gordon Davis Gordon W. Davis - Partner/Chairman

Gordon W. Davis, Ph.D., founder, currently serves as the company chairman. Davis started as an intern high school teacher in 1968. He earned two B.S. degrees from Washington State University in the 1960s. He was an instructor at Texas A&M University for five years while finishing M.S. and Ph.D. requirements, followed by 13 years as a faculty member at the University of Tennessee and Texas Tech University. In 1984, Davis embarked on an entrepreneurial experience when he started CEV. A defining moment in his life was when his family earned the 1964 "Washington State Dairy Family of the Year" award. In fact, much of his success can be attributed to his work ethic, instilled in him by his parents while working on the family farm; yet, business associates point to his ability to focus and his pursuit of excellence.

Whether on the high school, university or business level, Davis has a total commitment to upholding the highest standards of scientific investigation and professional comportment. Additionally, he has an uncompromising commitment to the advancement of knowledge, not only for himself, his students and his family, but equally for the hundreds of thousands of viewers of CEV materials.

Throughout his 44 year career, Davis has received 49 university, business and industry awards, which include: Business Person Hall of Fame Award, Lubbock Chamber of Commerce; Honorary American FFA Degree; Silver Spur Award, Texas Tech University (TTU); Small Business Person of the Year (Lubbock District), U.S. Small Business Administration; Hall of Fame Award, Animal & Food Sciences TTU; Distinguished Service Award, Animal Sciences, Washington State University (WSU); Intercollegiate Meat Judging Meritorious Service and Signal Service Awards, American Meat Science Association; Outstanding Teacher Award, College of Agriculture, University of Tennessee; Passion for Excellence Award, Texas FFA Foundation; Outstanding Agriculturalist Award - Agribusiness, College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources, TTU; Outstanding Philanthropist Award, Association of Fundraising Professionals (Texas Plains Chapter); Alumni Achievement Award, WSU Alumni Association. Davis has also coached two national championship meat judging teams (Texas A&M University, 1973; TTU, 1989).

Although Davis is extraordinarily accomplished, he graciously attributes this success to the "players" with which he has been associated. In 2012, CEV Multimedia was named to both the Governor's State of Texas Small Business Award and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Blue Ribbon Small Business Award lists, along with being named the 2014 Association of Career & Technical Education (ACTE) Business Leader of the Year - awards for which Davis and CEV are extremely proud.

Davis is most known for the motto, "It's all about the kids," whether they are his own or those scattered among thousands of classrooms nationally.

Jeff Lansdell Jeff Lansdell - Partner/President

Jeff Lansdell, President, earned two advanced degrees, a M.S. from Texas Tech University in 1993 and a master's of business of administration (MBA) from the University of Phoenix. He first joined CEV, as a student production coordinator while completing his degrees at Texas Tech University where he was a member of the university’s first National Champion Meats Judging Team. After graduation, Lansdell worked in the food/meat industry (Wilson Foods, IBP, Tyson Foods) for nine years in R&D and product management where he was the recipient of the Most Valuable Player Award in 1995, 1997 and 1999.

Lansdell re-joined the CEV team in 2003 as General Manager and promoted to Vice President/COO in 2004. He received the Aubrey N. Davis Family Award in 2005 in recognition of his outstanding leadership and savvy during the company’s most challenging yet successful year in which six-fold growth in revenue occurred. Lansdell was promoted to President in 2006, and he continues in that capacity today where he oversees the everyday operations and is responsible for organizing and analyzing financial reports. Additionally, he leads lobbying efforts related to educational policy which has significant impact on CEV’s participation and success in instructional materials adoptions as well as how content is created, produced, reviewed and budgeted.

With a deeply rooted Career & Technical Education background, Lansdell takes great pride in providing educational solutions for teachers, along with instructive and engaging curriculum for students. In 2011, he, along with three others, was promoted to Partner of CEV Multimedia. Jeff was a member of the TX FFA Convention Host Committee in 2005, 2008 and 2011 (Chairman), as well as was a member of the Texas FFA Foundation Board in 2013. Currently, Lansdell is a member of the National FFA Sponsors Board, serves as the Secretary of the National Ranching Heritage Endowment Board and is an annual member of the American Cancer Society’s Cattle Barons Ball Committee. In addition to the above, Lansdell is Vice President of the Texas Educational Publishers Association. Married to Kendra with two kids, he enjoys coaching both of his girls’ softball teams.

Clayton Franklin Clayton Franklin - Partner/VP of Brand Management

Clayton Franklin, Vice President of Brand Management, is originally from Tucumcari, NM and graduated from Kansas State University with her bachelor's degree in animal science in 2001. Franklin participated on numerous successful judging teams during her high school and college career, placing high individual in more than ten contests nationally. She later joined CEV as a student production coordinator while earning her master's degree in business administration (MBA) at Texas Tech University. In 2002, Franklin was one of 12 statewide to receive the Texas Business Hall of Fame Scholarship at Texas Tech University.

During her time as a production coordinator, Franklin was responsible for coordinating the development of educational multimedia presentations in both video and Microsoft ®PowerPoint® formats, and was the primary developer of the company’s top selling DVD (i.e., Career Planning Basics) for that time. In 2003, she was named Director of Marketing and promoted to Vice President of Marketing in 2007 where she coordinated all aspects of point of sale materials; organized and planned conventions/conferences; helped in the development, design and maintenance of the company website; promoted products and executed contracts with more than 70 resellers; and she managed the support staff for all curriculum sales consultants.

Due to her previous experience in producing content, Franklin changed roles in 2012, becoming Vice President of Brand Management. Together with a brand management team of more than 20 employees, Franklin has managed the development of 785 copyrighted materials, and she takes great pride in creating a product educators want to use and students find engaging. While her primary responsibility is leading content creation, Franklin additionally heads all instructional materials adoption efforts with approval of 408 courses of study across 16 different states. Additionally, she works closely with both the marketing and sales departments to maintain the integrity and name recognition of the CEV brand.

She received CEV's Employee of the Year in 2005 and the Aubrey N. Davis Family Award in 2007. In recognition of her performance, leadership and dedication, Franklin was promoted to Vice President in 2007, and she, along with three others, was promoted to Partner of CEV Multimedia in 2011. Franklin unquestionably attributes her success to being a "product" of Career & Technical Education, which is inspiration for her commitment and enthusiasm toward her efforts at CEV. Together with her husband Wade, she enjoys working on the family sheep farm and watching her son, Hudson, play youth sports, along with volunteering her time to help young men and women with their FFA and 4-H livestock projects.

Dusty Moore Dusty Moore - Partner/iCEV President

Dusty Moore, President of the iCEV Division, began working at CEV in 2002 as a student production coordinator while finishing his bachelors' degree in agricultural communications from Texas Tech University. He grew up in Boys Ranch, TX, where he served as a chapter, district, area and state FFA officer. In 2001, he was a member of the Texas Tech University National Reserve Champion Meat Judging Team.

During his tenure as production coordinator, Moore was responsible for developing curriculum for various subject areas, which included researching, writing and editing educational DVD productions and Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations, in addition to correlating materials to state education standards. In an effort to aid sales during the Texas textbook adoption, Moore served as a Curriculum Sales Consultant from 2004 to 2005, where he managed a territory consisting of over 200 accounts, with 88% of accounts adopting and implementing at least one state-approved course of study. Moore was named Production Manager in 2004 and promoted to Vice President of Production in 2007. During this time period, he managed a team of full- and part-time employees in developing 547 copyrighted multimedia curriculum products for nationwide use in classrooms.

Due to his previous experience in sales, Moore switched roles in 2009, becoming Vice President of Business Development. During this period, he worked with Mark Johnson in hiring, managing and training a 20-plus person sales staff covering 23 different states. In 2012, Moore promoted to President of iCEV where he is at the helm of developing and improving CEV’s new, online delivery model. At CEV, he received the peer voted CEV Employee of the Year Award in 2006, and was also given the Aubrey N. Davis Award in 2008 in recognition of his integrity, vision and leadership. In 2011, he, along with three others, was promoted to Partner of CEV Multimedia.

Moore has also taken an active role in the educational technology community, as he has represented the company as a speaker at several industry conferences including the SIIA Education Business Forum and the ASU+GSV Summit, one of the largest education technology conferences in the nation. Moore has also served on industry panels focusing on professional development in schools and educational technology development. He has also served as a member of the steering/planning committee for the SIIA Education Industry Summit.

Coming from a long line of educators, Moore's commitment to education, particularly Career & Technical Education, runs deep. This is the driving force behind his passion and perseverance for creating quality curriculum for both teachers and students. Currently, Moore is a member of the Texas FFA Foundation Board. Together with his wife Ginger, he has his hands full with five-year-old twins Ella and Daphne and his 10-month-old daughter Macy.

mark johnson Mark Johnson - Partner/VP of Business Development

Mark Johnson, Vice President of Business Development, is originally from Springfield, MO where he graduated from Missouri State University with a bachelor's degree in Marketing/Sales Management. Upon graduation, he has worked in the area of sales and sales management as well as building and training business development teams. Mark joined the CEV team in 2003 as a Curriculum Sales Consultant.

Johnson enjoys working with many areas of education and respects how hard Career & Technical Education (CTE) teachers work for their students and their programs. He says he enjoys watching teachers react when they begin to understand how CEV products are designed and put together to assist them with their curriculum.

Johnson was promoted to Eastern Division Sales Manager in 2008 and Vice President of Business Development in 2010 where he is responsible for hiring, training and mentoring all outside sales representatives. Managing a 26-member team, Johnson enjoys learning from each of them as much as helping them with their customers. With Mark's leadership, CEV's direct sale presence has grown from nine states in 2008 to 22 states currently with a goal of 48 states by 2019. A gifted presenter, Johnson attends and speaks at numerous conferences and workshops throughout the year, as well as conducts more than 200 online training and staff development sessions for current and potential customers.

Johnson was promoted to Eastern Division Sales Manager in 2008 and Vice President of Business Development in 2010 where he is responsible for hiring, training and mentoring all outside sales representatives. Managing a 26-member team, Johnson enjoys learning from each of them as much as helping them with their customers. With Mark’s leadership, CEV’s direct sales presence has grown from nine states in 2008 to 46 states currently with the addition of five Educational Sales Groups. A gifted presenter, Johnson attends and speaks at numerous conferences and workshops throughout the year, organizes and facilitates numerous professional development workshops for school districts as well as conducts more than 200 online training and staff development sessions for current and potential customers.

In June of 2012 Johnson was presented with the Honorary State FFA Degree at the 83rd Louisiana FFA State Convention for his contributions to various State competitions, support and training of teachers as well as volunteering time for various events for Louisiana FFA. In 2014, Johnson along with the other CEV Partners was named Small Business Persons of the Year for the West Texas District SBA. Currently Johnson is Co-Chairperson for the Huffman ISD Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee in Huffman, TX and also sits on the Huffman ISD Citizens Advisory Committee.

For his integrity, savvy and team mentality, Johnson received the Aubrey N. Davis Family Award in 2007, and he was the inaugural winner of the Eddie Puckett Salesperson of the Year Award in 2008. In 2011, he, along with three others, was promoted to Partner of CEV Multimedia. Together with his wife Michelle they have three children. Johnson also enjoys volunteering his time to the FFA booster club activities as well as athletic booster club activities for the local high school.