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Idaho Agriculture Pathways

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Introduction to Agriculture Pathway

Introduction to Agriculture



Correlates to Introduction Agricultural Education; Introduction to the Agricultural Industry; Occupational and Career Experience CEV Curriculum Guide

Animal Systems Pathway

Animal Systems Pathway



Correlates to Applied livestock Management; Introduction to the Livestock Industry; Zoology Animal Science; Zoology Science of Nutrition; Zoology Science of Animal Reproduction CEV Curriculum Guide

Natural Resources & Environmental Systems Pathway

Natural Resources
& Environmental Systems Pathway



Correlates to Species Management & Identification; Ecological Principles & Management; Aquaculture Science; Forestry Science & Management Basic Skills CEV Curriculum Guide

Agribusiness Systems Pathway

Systems Pathway



Correlates to
Agribusiness Management and Marketing; Agricultural Business and Economics
CEV Curriculum Guide

Agricultural Leadership/Communication Systems Pathway

Agricultural Leadership/
Communication Systems Pathway



Correlates to
Personal Skill Development
CEV Curriculum Guide

Plant Systems Pathway

Plant Systems Pathway



Correlates to
Applied Greenhouse Nursery Management; Botany Horticulture Plant Science; Botany Plant and Soil Science; Botany Science of Plant Growth and Development; Introduction to the Agricultural Plant Industry; Landscape Design
CEV Curriculum Guide

Power, Structural & Technical Systems Pathway

Power, Structural
& Technical
Systems Pathway



Correlates to
Agricultural Fabrication; Agricultural Machinery; Agricultural Power Technology; Agricultural Power Technology Large Engines; Agricultural Structures; Agricultural Systems Electricity and Hydraulics; Agricultural Welding; Introduction to Agricultural Mechanics; Small Gas Engines
CEV Curriculum Guide