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Welcome to the City of Atomsville

Combine Microsoft® Office curriculum with career exploration.

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The Creators

Maggie Bigham

Maggie Bigham

Maggie Bigham, MCAS certified instructor and former BCIS teacher, truly understands the challenges educators face while attempting to create relevant courses of study for students.

In 2006, Bigham came to CEV, the largest multimedia producer of Career and Technical Education (CTE) materials nationwide, with fresh ideas on creating an interactive curriculum that solves the problem of capturing students' attention while keeping them focused throughout the course.

"Being able to reach all of my students in a class where they each have different career interests is very difficult," said Bigham, Director of Business and Marketing Curriculum Development at CEV Multimedia Ltd. "I realized that each student is unique and needs a unique approach to learning to be able to really grasp the material." "I think the goal of every teacher is to keep their students interested. With Atomsville, they aren't bored anymore," Bigham said. "Students invest so much into their Atomsville assignments, which ultimately help them build a rewarding sense of ownership."

Megan Mitchell O'Quinn

Megan O'Quinn

Megan O'Quinn, Business and Marketing Brand Manager at CEV and MCAS Master, brought a different point of view to the table. She wanted to help teachers provide students with a fun and stimulating way to learn.

O'Quinn, whose parents are both teachers, worked to create an innovative curriculum that gives students a firm grasp on the necessary skills needed to complete the course.

"As a recent graduate, I was able to work on this product and give insight on what students want in their classrooms," O'Quinn said. "Now, the curriculum fits the student, rather than the student having to fit the curriculum."

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