Tradeshows & Events

CEV participates in over 60 tradeshows and conferences every year. These events provide the perfect opportunity for customers to interact face-to-face with CEV representatives, view product demonstrations and learn more about our latest productions.

Where will CEV be next? Browse our list of events to find a conference, trade show or convention near you.

Spring/Summer 2015

March 26-28 WAFCS Warren, WI
April 15-18 Region V ACTE Kansas, KS
April 16-17 WI ACTE OskKosh, WI
April 16-18 Region VI ACTE Little Rock, AR
April 28-29 OK FFA Oklahoma City, OK
May 20-25 WBEA/ABEA Scottsdale, AZ
June 2- 5 LA Ag Teachers Monroe, LA
June 9-10 OH Ag Teachers Columbus, OH
June 10-11 SC Summit Blythwood, SC
June 15-18 NM Ag Teachers Albuquerque, NM
June 16-18 IL Ag Teachers Bloomington, IL
June 21-24 SC Education & Business Summit Greenvile, SC
June 21-25 CA Ag Teachers Cal Poly, CA
June 23-25 OR Ag Teachers Yamhill, OR
June 24-26 Region III ACTE Cedar Rapids, IA