Reviews & Testimonials


“I have used the CEV Animal Systems pathways in multiple classes in the past year. My students have received exposure to current and relevant agriculture practices through the DVDs and the challenging lessons. I have been able to integrate parts of each MPU into my existing units to make my classes even better. I am continually looking for new ways to keep my classroom up-to-date, and the CEV products help me achieve that goal.”

Toni M., High School Agriculture Teacher, Kentucky


“With CEV’s Careers Pathway, I love that I’m able to show my students real people involved in different areas of interest.”

Sara M., Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, North Carolina


“I use CEV materials for CDE preparation especially in the spring, and interject it into daily work as well.”

Shawn McEwen, High School Agriculture Teacher, Missouri


“I specifically enjoy the videos over judging, it’s a major tool I use to introduce events to my students.”

Jeremy S., High School Agriculture Teacher, Missouri


“Incorporating CEV’s judging materials in my classroom is a great way to help my students see a whole set of animals at one time while receiving professional reasons.”

Blaine C., High School Animal Science Teacher, Idaho


“I particularly enjoy the ready-made projects because they are just a mouse click away and I don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every lesson.”

Sheri S., High School Computerized Business Applications Teacher, Arkansas


“The biggest benefit of using CEV’s curriculum in my classroom is definitely the increase of my students’ end of course test scores. Before using CEV and Atomsville, my EOC average score was 62. Since using CEV instead of regular textbooks, my class average on the EOC has jumped to 84! I’ll never go back to regular textbooks again.”

Sheri S., High School Computerized Business Applications Teacher, Arkansas


“The features CEV provides in their products allow me to access everything in one location from one source. It saves me time and maximizes my ability to implement the lesson rather than preparing for it.”

Mike R., High School Agriculture Teacher, Kentucky


“As a teacher, I appreciate the well-rounded materials that are made ready to use.”

Ed M., High School Agriculture Teacher, Illinois


“CEV’s curriculum is very advantageous to my classroom. Using up-to-date materials partnered with technology makes learning fun and allows my students to receive the information in a way that is tailored for their generation”

Tim R.,High School Agriculture Teacher, Illinois


“With CEV’s curriculum, I have the ability to use an integrated curriculum that is appealing to our media savvy students.”

Mike R.,High School Agriculture Teacher, Kentucky


“CEV’s curriculum has allowed me to use a variety of multimedia to keep my students engaged in the lesson, and therefore increase their understanding and retention of the curriculum and content.”

Shannon L., High School Agriculture Teacher, Wisconsin


“The DVDs are like having a guest speaker and field trip all in one! The content, video and format are perfect for my students and their learning level.”

Jill W., High School Agriculture and Environmental Science Teacher, Mississippi


The materials in CEV Pathways allow me to expand in new topics or increase detail of what I have already been including. The Plant Systems Pathway has been a big help in one class; I plan to start using it in Landscape Design next year. The Pathway is a major boost to our existing curriculum. The PowerPoints are my favorites, as I can easily make use of them and not have to research or even prepare the notes.

Joel Rudderow, Penns Grove High School, New Jersey


CEV materials have made my workload so much easier. They have also made teaching more fun with the student projects associated with each lesson. Also, if a students misses class, I can simply email them the materials they missed. Each feature brings a different mode of learning. I feel students learn better with variety.

Nick Isenberg, Milton Hershey School, Pennsylvania


The biggest benefit of using CEV's multimedia curriculum is the time it saves me from having to develop lesson plans, PowerPoints, and video worksheets. The materials are also a great supplement to my existing curriculum. I like the DVDs most out of the CEV curriculum. They are an excellent way to show many of the concepts that we teach in agricultural education. CEV curriculum has saved me an enormous amount of time developing lesson plans, PowerPoints, and video worksheets. Everything is done for you.

Jay Solomonson, Orion High School, Illinois


The biggest benefit of CEV materials is the ease with which lessons can be presented and the thoroughness and accuracy of the lessons themselves. I love the DVDs because although there are no dairy farms in Cape May County, there are plenty of dairy farms in Wisconsin. It's a convenient and inexpensive way to take a field trip!

JoAnn Sopchak, Cape May County Technical School, New Jersey


CEV materials have allowed me to become more focused on student successes and not curriculum development. I can use the developed curriculum and use that planning time for project development, grading, and FFA development. I really enjoy the PowerPoints and their interactive features. It allows the teacher to teach welding in the classroom and not crowd into a small welding booth or grouped around a welding machine. CEV curriculum has been the best investment our CTE program and Agriculture program has made.

Sarah Scyphers, Holston High, Virginia


Through CEV, I have been able to bring things into the classroom that I otherwise could not. Students get exposure to various areas of animal science that would not be accessible otherwise. So far, my favorite feature of CEV's curriculum are the DVDs. My students are able to glean information from the knowledgeable presenters in ways that I could not expose them to.

Dana Mills, North Carolina